How to Earn Money Online From Home 2020

How to Earn Money Online From Home 2020

How to Earn Money Online From Home 2020

How to Earn Money Online From Home

How to Earn Money Online From Home 2020


Long gone are the days when business and employment was restricted to brick and mortar buildings. Millions of people are taking advantage of technology development by earning money online.

Since the invention of the internet, most businesses and employment markets have also changed. Today, you can access a market far from your locale with a few clicks on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Services that were formally offered by in-house clerks can now be outsourced to remote freelancer. This practice cuts on the wage bill as the freelancer either charges per hour or project.

Therefore, the internet has promoted a win-win scenario in the job market. People who couldn’t afford to relocate to take a job can now work from the comfort of their homes.

Also, they are not limited to working with only one client. They can take as many jobs as they can from different clients.

The employers too got a relief. They only pay for work done. Again, if one worker is not good, you are at liberty to replace then without any legal bureaucracies.

So which are these jobs that one can easily earn from online? Let take a look at a few of them.

      i.          Writing and Editing

This happens to be one of the most popular ways of earning online. It is estimated that 380 new websites go live every minute.

In reality, all these websites need content. Some of the site owners are not good writers. Or still, they may be too busy to write.

So what happens is that these website owners hire writers who write on their behalf. As a writer, you stand a chance to get hired to ghostwrite content for at least one site.

How to Earn Money Online From Home

How to Earn Money Online From Home 2020

Notably, for you do well in this area of freelancing, you need excellent language skills. Your grammar has to be native or near-native. Also, you need to have outstanding editing skills so that you can edit your work before submission.

You don’t have to fear or coil back if you are not a native English speaker. Actually, the majority of those who write great content have English as their second or third Language.

Again, there are softwares like Grammarly that can help you edit your work. They may not be perfect, but they help you capture one or two errors that may have escaped your eye. Also, they scan for plagiarism to ensure that your work is not a duplication of someone else’s work.

There are numerous content mills like Upwork from which you can make a debut. All you need is to set up an account, send proposals for jobs that you can handle, and take interviews.

Also, there are job boards where clients post their gigs and potential freelancers bid for the jobs. Once a client likes your work, you can be assured of direct employment without going through the job boards.

We also have publications that pay writers for their work. What you need to do is pitch a story to the editor, and if they like the story, they will ask you to go ahead and write. These outlets could be magazines, blogs, or websites.

Therefore, writing happens to be the most common skill sold online. All that you need is to pick a niche and specialise. Specialists are easier to trust, and they earn more than generalists. So, with time, you will need to choose one topic that you enjoy writing on and market yourself as an expert in that area.

    ii.          Transcription

Transcription is the art of transforming audio content into text.

Since the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison, transcription of spoken words changed.

Earlier on, there were so many mistakes as transcriber tried to match with the speaker. This was because there was no way of recording sound. This is no longer the case. Edison broke the ice, and now we have numerous ways of recording and replaying audio.

Professional secretaries, court reporters, or other specialist create audio files almost every day. This content needs transformation into text files. Therefore, since these professionals may not have the time to sit and do the transcription, they hire freelance transcribers.

Transcribe content is easier to refer to in case one is looking for facts or evidence on a particular matter. It also helps the people with hearing impairment to get the information contained in audio files as text.

Generally, for transcription requires you to have excellent listening skills and a good typing speed. This is because you will have to type as you listen.

Therefore, you need to invest in a good high-quality pair of headphones and work on your speed too.

Every organisation has its preferred style of transcribing. So, if you are hired to do a transcription job, familiarise yourself with their style. Some prefer verbatim, while others go with non-verbatim transcription.

In that case, it would be better to take some short course to equip yourself for the job. There are many free and paid courses that you can benefit from. Also, there are many YouTube videos that c help you grasp the needed skills.

First, Upwork is an excellent place to start. This is because there are fewer hurdles as compared to transcription sites.

Since I have mentioned transcription site, it’s good to say that they are usually a bit strict on who joins the platforms. You have to take some test before you can be accepted. If you are a good listener, you shouldn’t have trouble going through.

Make use of social media as well. It happens to be the heartbeat of online jobs. There are freelancers’ groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms as well. I these groups, you will find clients looking for people to hire.

Did I forget to mention freelance job boards? Don’t overlook any option.

  iii.          Virtual Assistance

If you are great at organisation and calendar things, then this is your place.

How to Earn Money Online From Home

How to Earn Money Online From Home 2020

Virtual assistants generally help to keep other people’s days orderly. Their work ranges from booking appointments, booking flights, replying to emails and organising the diary too.

In simple, you can say they are personal secretaries who work remotely.

Some high ranking personalities have such a tight schedule that they can’t manage to sit and plan everything. They have websites, social media handles, emails, and diaries that need regular updating.

In simple, you represent your client on social media and his/her blog or website. The only thing is that you should only air the client’s views and not yours.

Some of these people are CEOs or directors of institutions. So, working as a VA also makes you rub shoulders with people of very high status.

When you as a VA, you will need some writing, website management, and marketing skills. This will make your work more manageable when you have to update several platforms for your client.

Again you need to be time conscious. You can’t make a mistake of booking a flight late or forgetting to cancel a cancelled appointment.

You will find people offering paid training for VA jobs of social media platforms, but you can still find some free courses online.

Virtual Assistance jobs are mostly paid per hour since one has to work for some few hours or minutes a day. Therefore, most client pay at the end of the month for cumulative time worked.

  iv.          Translation

If you are fluent in more than two languages, then you can hack in translation and earn money online.

Actually, translation is another way of earning money fast if you have a computer and a steady network connection.

How to Earn Money Online From Home

How to Earn Money Online From Home 2020

A simple search reveals that there are numerous places where translation services are needed. Actually, some platforms connect clients and translators.

Actually, the internet has turned the world into a global village. In that case, companies that sell their products into foreign countries need their user manuals or instructions translated to local languages.

Not only that, there has been an influx of immigration. Therefore, governments need translators to help in communicating with the immigrants.

If need be, one can also work as an interpreter in courts, hospitals and police stations.

Most of the translations are paid per source word. This is because the source language and target languages have different language patterns and rules. Therefore, to make the payment standard across all target languages, clients refer to source language for payment.

Notably, before you jump into the ocean of freelance translation, you need to consider your area of expertise.

If you take a job translation job in legal matters, for example, yet you don’t have any knowledge of the legal jargons and terminologies, you will end up messing your work.

Therefore the best way is to get into an area where you have the required technical knowledge.

At the same time, some clients will send you an audio file in one language and ask for a transcribed translation. This one could be a bit tasking. You need to be smart when charging for such gigs.

If you have video captioning skills, they are a plus to your translation skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning residue cash. First, you need to build a niche blog or website.

After you have launched your site, you need to decide which company/companies you need to partner with as an affiliate. Not only that, but you also need to decide which product to promote on your site.

You must get the correct products that will resonate with your readers.

Actually, affiliate marketing involves sending buyers to a particular online store where they buy commodities that you promote on your site. In return, for every purchase made by a buyer from your website, you get a predetermined percentage commission.

Affiliate marking takes a lot of effort and dedication. Driving the collect audience to your site is what makes the difference. You need to search and see how many organic searches your target items get in a month.

Secondly, you need to research on which stores pay for sending customers their way.

After that, you need to write content that is unique and of high-quality. This will help to convince your audience to go ahead and place a purchase.

The other thing you need to ensure is that your site is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

If you lay a good foundation, affiliate marketing can be your most significant online earner.

     v.          Online Coaching 

Just like selling other services online, you can also share your knowledge and advice as an expert consultant. You will be surprised at realising how many people are ready to pay for your time.

For example, you can take time and offer foreign language classes to students from all over the world. Like other freelancers, your knowledge becomes your product of trade.

In essence, you can package you’re your skills or experience into small digestible units or programs.

Are you not sure where to sell your skills? Worries not; several online tools, softwares, and communities make the whole process easy.

Community driven platforms like and are a great place to meet and interact with potential clients.

Although this is one of the most limited in the online market, online coaches earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a month.

To increase your passive income, you can also make some videos and post them on a niche YouTube channel. Some clients would be glad to learn at their own pace without interacting directly with a person

Therefore, if you make entertaining and informative videos, they could earn you some cash as passive income.

Surprisingly, even the easiest topics on your area of specialisation have the potential to earn you a lot of money.

Like in the example used earlier, people will pay to learn the alphabets of a new language and their sounds. At the same time you will notice that in every course, the basics happen to take the most of the time.

  vi.          Website Building and Management

Like you learnt earlier, hundreds of websites come up every day. Not everyone who owns a site can build one. Actually, most of them hire experts to make and manage websites for them.

At times, you will realise that unless you have some coding skills, you can never build or run a website.

Therefore, if you know one or more coding languages, you can sell this skill online and make a fortune.

There are clients on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr who are always looking for experts who can build websites for them and manage content too. Therefore, if you have excellent writing skills, then you might earn yourself long term clients.

In case you aren’t a good writer, you can as well outsource that part while you remain to format upload the content on the website.

All the same, it is good to note that not all clients will ask you to manage their sites.

Beware of Scammers

The worst nightmare freelancers can think of is falling in the hands of a scammer.

Although scammers are all over in the job and business world, being scammed online can be quite costly.

First, some smart guys sell freelancing accounts. Whether you are writing, transcribing, or you are translating; you will find someone trying to sell freelance job accounts.

Unfortunately, they might sell the same account to multiple willing buyers only for none of them to get the account.

Therefore, instead of falling to this trap, start from a scratch. Most of these accounts are free to register. Why buy an account that you can freely open and start working.

Again, some fraudulent clients ask for services only to end up not paying the freelancer. This mostly happens with clients who you work with without involving a third party.

In such a case, everything happens out of trust. If you can, use escrow as a third party. If not, let the client pay upfront even if it is 50% of the total charge before you can start worming.

The only way is to be on the lookout as there is no guaranteed security from online scammers.


In reality, formal employment has been on the decrease. The internet has opened another front for the jobless to earn money online. All that you need are some computer skills, steady network, and the will to persevere.

Nothing comes easily. Treat your online job like that brick and mortar business. Advertise your service on social media platforms and look for tasks from different job boards.

Content mills and other online job platforms can also be a great way to start your online venture.

Finally, set yourself apart from the masses. Offer something unique. Offer a product or a service that your target clients can’t resist.

The best way to be exceptional is to keep learning. Learn what your clients are looking for. Learn and add some skills or knowledge that will give you an edge against your competitors.


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