7 Benefits of Working Online

7 Benefits of Working Online

7 Benefits of Working Online

7 Benefits of Working Online

7 Benefits of Working Online

Since the invention of the internet, so many things have changed around. One of the things that have significantly changed is how people work.

In the 80s and early 90s, very few people would have thought that one could stay at home and earn a decent living. In contrast, today, so many people work online as freelancers.

The question that arises is what are the benefits of working online? Why not work in from 9to 5 in an office or behind a desk in a particular organization?

Definitely, there are advantages and disadvantages of working online.

In this article, we are going to focus on the positive side. That is, the benefits enjoyed by people who work online.

After reading through, you may also decide to join the online working team.

The benefits

First, it’s good to note that it isn’t possible to list all the benefits of working online here. So these are just some of the most obvious benefits.

i. You Can Work From Anywhere

7 Benefits of Working Online

7 Benefits of Working Online

With online jobs, the ability to work almost anywhere in the world is the most significant advantage. Since all that is need is your computer and some network connection, then you are not restricted to a specific workplace.

Actually, you have the liberty to travel and work at the same time. Planning for holidays becomes much easier since you don’t have to look for someone to take care of your duties. Your office is mobile and portable.

Also, the other thing is that you can have your office anywhere. It can be a study table in your bedroom or a bench at a particular beach.

When we say you can work from anywhere, it is anywhere.

So long as your laptop is charged and you have a way of connecting to the internet, then you can enjoy your liberty and work from your place of choice.

Actually, your clients don’t care where you work from so long as you deliver your part of the bargain.

  ii. You Are Less Pressure

The other big advantage of working remotely is that you call the shots. There will be no one following you or supervising you as you work.

In fact, you work when it is convenient and take time off when the need arises. In case of an emergency that requires your immediate attention, you just leave without so many protocols.

If it were in an office, you would have to go and explain your case to a manager, who may not be moved by your situation.

In simple, when you work online, you decide whether to work at night or in the day.

The other thing is that there is no pressure from a colleague who may be competing against you. Actually, you only compete with yourself.

In online work, you plan your activities and schedule when to do this or that.

Also, you will be free from the stressing traffic jams. This relieves freelancers a great deal of pressure. While others are stressed up after getting stuck in traffic, an online worker will be busy working.

When not working, no one dictates where you are supposed to be or what you should be doing. Even in the middle of a task, you may decide to take a breather to refresh.

In fact, you could dance to your best music, practice playing your guitar, or take a nap.

Therefore as a freelancer working online, you live your life freely without undue pressure.

  iii. Working with Different Clients

Yes, you heard me right. Depending on the nature of the work you are doing online, you may decide to work for more than one client.

In traditional employment and job markets, no employer would allow you to work for their competitor while still working for them.

Definitely, the whole story changes when you decide to work online.

If, for example, you work remotely as a virtual assistant, you don’t have to work for one client only. You can work for as many clients as you can manage.

For content writers and website managers, you can as well work for different clients even if they are competitors in the market.

All that you need to do is maintain quality. Don’t take too much than you can handle unless you are willing to outsource some work.

Unlike formal employment where loyalty is demanded, as a freelancer, you have the liberty to mingle and work multiple employers. All you need to do is observe job ethics and never disclose what one client entrusts you with to their competitors.

  iv. You Control Your Income

With online work, you set your rates. Unlike the 9to5 jobs where the employers call the shots, here you decide what to charge for your services.

Just like any market, the rates for working online are as diverse as the number of freelancers. Therefore, no price is too high that you can’t get work. It all depends on what you are offering and the quality of your product.

Don’t be intimidated by people scolding you for charging what you are rightfully worth. Unfortunately, you will find freelancers offering the same service as you for half your rates.

If you invest in learning several skills and mastering them, you will command a high market rate than your competition.

Depending on the kind of work you are handling, you can charge per hour or project.

Therefore, you get paid what you believe you are worth. The work you do should be able to pay you and support your family. So, as you charge, you need to consider how many hours and resources you have used to complete a particular project.

In that case, you don’t have to charge rates that are too high that will make you lack a good flow of clients. Let your rates be affordable to your target customers.

  v. Get Paid for What You Love Doing

7 Benefits of Working Online

7 Benefits of Working Online

It is sad to imagine that one can spend almost half of their lives doing what they don’t find joy in. There are are many who get stuck in the monotonous routine of formal employment.

Most times, in these jobs, a day is almost a repeat of the other.

When it comes to online work, you choose what you want to work on and look for potential clients.

Since you are the one choosing what to venture into, you most likely will pick that niche that you love. You will go for a skill or service that you are talented in or you find pleasure in.

Actually, the most successful freelancers are those who left their jobs to pursue their passion as remote workers.

So go for your passion, go for your talent, and you will never look back.

  vi. You Save a Lot of Money

By working online, you save a lot of money than someone who is employed at a particular office or organization.

Let’s do some simple mathematics.

If you are employed, that means that you have to commute to and from work every day. If you get stuck in traffic jams, it will mean you have to spend more than usual.

Again, if you work in town, food can be expensive. It’s not a surprise if you visit a hotel only to find that a sandwich is going for $15 and a cup of coffee for $4.

If you work from home, food will be way cheaper than what is offered in town.

Again, since there is no set dressing code for remote jobs, you don’t spend heavily on clothes and shoes. In fact, most freelancers spend the better part of their day in pajamas.

 vii. You get a chance to Learn and Be Independent

With all this freedom, you lack someone to whom you can push tasks that seem challenging. Therefore, you are left with only one option; learn and solve the problem.

If you were in an office, it would be more comfortable to ask for a hand than to struggle. When it comes to working online, search engines like Google become your closest associates.

Therefore, no matter how big the challenge is, you have to think and solve it independently.

Although this may sound harsh, it makes you a better and a more independent person. Everything new that you learn becomes an added advantage in future tasks. Every client comes with a new job that will need different skills and knowledge from others.

In fact, you learn more working online than you would if you were working in an office with specifically assigned duties. This teaches you to be self-reliant.


Lately, the rate of formal employment has been on the decline. Working online comes as a relief to those who either haven’t found employment or have conditions that keep them from getting employed.

There are many benefits other than this that should convince you why you need to try working online.

You don’t have to leave your job to work online. You can keep your day job and work online during your free time. Actually, most people who work online fulltime started as part workers. As you grow, you might also decide to follow suit.

For now, just get started, and the rest will fall in place.


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