50 Ways to Earn Money Online

50 Ways to Earn Money Online

50 Ways to Earn Money Online

50 Ways to Earn Money Online

Whether you are a stay at home mother, a college student, or a busy person, there are ways that you could earn money online from anywhere.

You that you need is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with a good network connection. The good thing is that you work online when you have some spare time. So, you are your own boss in a way.

In this article, let’s look at some 50 ways of making money online.

  1. Freelance writing.There are so many websites and publications that need content. In fact, over 300 sites come up every minute. You can find clients on job boards, content mills, or even on social media.

All you need is excellent grammar and good research skills. At first, you can start as a general writer then specialise to your favourite niche.

  1. Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is working as an associate of large online stores like Amazon. If you own a blog or a website, you can promote products, and if customers from your site make a purchase you earn some commission

Also, you may link up with product manufacturers who have affiliate programmes so that you can become one of their associates.

  1. Start a YouTube channelAnother way of earning a lot of residual income is by creating YouTube videos that people will enjoy watching and sharing. Most YouTubers have AdSense accounts that track the number of impressions a video gets.

Another way is direct product placement. In this case, a sponsor pays the channel owner to feature the product in the video.

If you a large following, you stand to earn more.

  1. Virtual assistance.This involves working remotely as a personal assistant. If you are the person that is keen on details and you are an organisation nark, then this is for you.

As a VA, your work is to plan timetables/schedules, book appointments, and flights, as well as take care of the diary.

Also, you handle your clients’ emails, and social media handles on their behalf.

  1. Trade on forexForex trading is the business of changing money from one currency to another. Forex markets are the largest liquid asset market. The great thing about this market is that trade is purely electronic. There is no p central market place.

The market is always open for 24 hours, five and a half days of the week.

  1. Work as a digital marketerMarketing strategies have changed a lot since most people spend much time online. The best way to reach your potential customers is by going to where they spend their free time.

Digital marketing involves reaching out to sell products and services using the internet. This can be on phone, emails, or mobile apps.

  1. Audio transcriptionTranscription is the art of converting audio to text. It helps in recording of oral narrations in print. Also, organisations use transcription services to print the contents of meetings and seminars. Even the court proceedings at times need to be transformed into text.
  2. Take paid surveysAnother way to a few bucks is by participating in paid surveys. There are national and international organisations that collect data on various aspects affecting workers, governments, and the population at large.

Also, companies reach out as they perform their market surveys and pay the participants.

  1. Translation serviceIf you can communicate fluently in two or more languages, you could work as a translator and earn a lot of money online. Manufacturers venturing into new markets may need to translate their product user manuals into a catchment language.

There is also the issue of immigrants. As they move across the borders, they do a lot of paperwork. These papers need to be in a language that the immigrants can understand.

  1. Website reviewsThough most websites will not pay you for reading their content, some sites will pay you. They expect you to visit and read their content and make your remarks.

The sites also keep track of the time you spend on the website to make sure you are giving quality reviews

50 Ways to Earn Money Online

50 Ways to Earn Money Online

  1. Be a guest authorThere are site owners who need content, yet they don’t have time to write and manage their websites. Therefore, they invite reputable writers and bloggers to post on their sites as guests. This way, site owners get their things running at a fee while the writer also gets a chance for organic backlinks.
  2. Start an online storeYou could buy goods on wholesale and resale them to the final buyers as single units. After that, you need to create a site where you advertise your products. Also, you could operate using social media platforms to reach your potential customers. To make it better, offer shipping and delivery services at a fee
  3. Start tutoringYou have some expertise you would like to teach others? With the internet having evolved this far, you can now offer private tuition online. All you need is to package your skill or knowledge into small digestible modules. Then come up with a schedule, and you are good to go.
  4. Become a professional consultantIf you are an expert in a field that people seek advice, then you could offer your services online. The good thing is that you don’t need a formal office. You that you need is a smartphone or a computer with an excellent connection, and you are good to go.
  5. Sell e-booksToday, it is possible to self-publish your work. So, if you are a good writer, write your stuff and publish it on Amazon Kindle. From there, you need to advertise your book. Also, you can convert existing paperback books into e-books. You only need to buy right from the book owner, and you are good to go.
  6. Develop and sell softwareAs technology continually develops, there is a need for more software every day. If you can make software that is going to solve a problem or problems, then. Organisations, industries, and the local population are always ready to spend money to solve problems effectively. Identify a social challenge and solve it.
  7. Make WordPress themesThough WordPress has a host of free themes, there are also premium ones that people pay for. If you can make themes that will make users’ experience lovely, then you could earn a lot from the sales. Just make the themes user-friendly, and you will gain a fortune from that.
  8. Watch video previews for payAre you a fan of watching movies or videos? Then this gig is yours. Some sites will ask you to watch videos for a specific minimum time, and you get paid. An excellent example of such websites is Swagbucks. All you need to do is sit and watch, and you get paid for that.
  9. Sell Adspace on your blogIf you own a site or a blog, you could offer to advertise commodities or services on your site for pay. This is great since you could deal with manufacturers directly, whereby you will pocket 100% of the revenue. It would be like renting out some space.
  10. Data entryThis is one of the easiest ways to make money online. All you need is basic computer skills, a reliable network, and a keen eye for the details. All you do is input data into a computer system. This can be either by keying in, scanning, or by voice. At times, you could only be required to simply copy and paste data.
  11. Build websites for payAs businesses go digital, the demand for online presence continues to be on the increase. Most companies or businesses may not have an in house IT expert who can build a website for them. If you have in this area, your services can earn you a fortune. Every hour, an average of 24,000 new sites go live. That shows that web developers are in high demand.
  12. Play games onlineSome online game lovers make money while playing online. Several legit websites pay and allow people to earn money while gaming, such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Point Club, among others. So as you while time away, you could get paid for participating in your hobby.
  13. Sell lesson plans.Some teachers are making money online by writing, promoting, and selling their teaching materials online. Selling lessons plans involves organizing, uploading, and promoting them. There are sites where one can do most of this work on one platform, such as canva.com.
  14. Become an online jurorA juror is a member of a group of individuals who hear and decide on cases in a court of law.

Working as an online juror involves giving professional advice to lawyers to help them prepare for the actual case hearing. This helps the attorney to prepare in advance. An online juror gives aprobable verdicts to cases and provide reasons for their decision.

  1. Develop an online courseYou can make money by developing courses and selling them. It involves picking a good course topic by ensuring it has an idea that is on high market demand.

Determine the most appropriate delivery methods for each lesson and create an online school where you will be offering the course. Determine the best pricing models and how to grow into a significant education-based business model.

  1. Be an online travel agentA travel agent is a person who organizes travel for individuals, groups, corporations on behalf of other stakeholders like airlines, hotels, railways, car rental, etc.

Being an online travel agent involves providing advice about visas or passports, responding to customer queries and complaints, promoting and marketing the business, planning, among others.

  1. Trade your travel photos and videosYou can make money by selling photos that you take of fascinating sceneries. Websites like Alamy, Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Smugmug pay for high-quality images. Also, you could sell your picture to major travel agencies that publish magazines. With a good camera, you could earn yourself a lot of money by taking photos as you tour the world.
  2. Make podcastsA podcast is an audio programme produced regularly, delivered over the internet in a compressed digital format, and designed for playback on computers and other digital audio players.

Making podcasts involves creating a vision and mission of what you need to achieve with the podcast, inviting industry leaders, and coordinating the interviews, editing the podcast, and posting it online.

  1. Do voice oversVoice over is a production technique where a narration voice is added to a film or broadcast. Therefore, the narration goes hand in hand with the pictures.

Voice overs can be used for TV productions, theatre, etc. Voice overs can be a written script that is read by anyone.

  1. Become an online graphic designerA graphic designer creates a visual design by hand or using computer software to give ideas, inspire, entertain, advertise. They involve images, words, or graphics.

Graphic designers create these graphics for advertising, publishing, printed or electronic media, etc.

  1. Conduct online research for payWebsites will pay you to verify the validity of the information. In simple, they will require you to conduct some research. Some sites like Qmeewill pay you for clicking on search results.

These jobs range from entry-level to expert level depending on what the client wants to research on

  1. Resell website domainsThis is another lucrative venture. You may do keyword research and register several domain names, then put them up for sale. Some domain registrars will sell you a domain name at $1.

If you put up the same domain for sale, you could sell the same domain name for hundreds or thousands of dollars after some time.

  1. Sell your Photoshop skillsYou will be surprised to learn how many people are will to pay for simple Photoshop tasks. If you are a Photoshop guru, this is where you come in. Background removal, merging photos, and other skills will earn you a lot of money.
  2. Provide audio editing services.Though we have copy editing robots, none of them will outdo a human editor. Therefore, if you are that hawk-eyed grammar nark, you can make a fortune by editing other writers’ work. Advertise your services and clients will come flocking you’re yours.
  3. Keyword research for payThere are site owners or bloggers who are so occupied that they can’t conduct keyword research. Therefore, they hire people who are good at keyword research to help them with SEO. You only need to understand the qualities of the right keyword and some hands-on skills to get started.
  4. Participate in online writers’ competitions.Every now and then, there are writers’ contests that come up. If you are an excellent writer, you should try. The content ranges from fiction, poetry, short stories, and other writing sub-niches. Some of these contests pay thousands of dollars to the winners.
  5. Write and sell your content. If you are a writer and articles are lying idle on your computer, its time you got paid for them.
  6. Offer editing services. If you’re that hawk-eyed grammar nark, then you should consider selling your editing skills online. Though there are a host of copy editing robots, none can replace a human editor. Therefore, advertise your skills on platforms like Upwork and also on social media. Most book writers will always hire an expert to edit their work.
  7. Get paid to answer questions online. If you are an expert in a specific field, some websites will pay you good money by answering questions. Some questions are so basic, but some can be complex. Therefore, you need to be an excellent researcher to field yourself as an authority.
  8. Develop and sell mobile phone apps. Today people want an instant solution to their problems. So, this has led to the development of money transfer, data processing, and mobile banking apps. If you can make better apps that people will like, you could sell them and make money.
  9. Sell scrapbook templates. Scrapbooks are books with empty pages where one fits the content. With these internet developments that have been taking place, scrapbook sales have gone online too. People like preserving memorable moments. You could make templates with project ideas and sell them.
  10. Get paid as a forum moderator. Today, there are so many social formations online. If you join one and you stand out as an authority in a specific field, you could be hired to moderate on the discussions.

Also, you could stat yours and charge some membership fee. In that case, you should be offering solutions that people would be willing to pay for.

  1. Host paid video chat concerts. Talk about seminars or workshops that you could conduct online. Have some content that people would be willing to learn. Publicise the show and let it gain popularity. Charge a joining fee, and there you are earning.

Even for comedy, the same thing could work.

  1. Be a private investigator. Though private investigators require licensing, the licences don’t cost much. Therefore you could help people solve issues and get answers. You could use the internet for advertising your services, but also, that’s where you get most of the resources that you need.
  2. Be a personal life coach. At times, it only takes a friendly but professional push to make things work. If you can help people realise their potential and better their lives, you could earn a lot as a life coach. Mentoring takes patience, so, you should be patient with people of different abilities to make it as a mentor.
  3. Get paid to stay healthy. There are apps like AchieveMint that give you points that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards or cash. Once you sign in, you get 10 points. On reaching 10,000 points, you get $10. Actually, there is no limit on how much you can earn.
  4. Create hub pages. Sometime back in 2011, people complained that they lost traffic and revenue after some update took place. All the same, you can create hubs and link AdSense, Amazon, and eBay to them. This will earn you revenue from the links and the hub pages too. If you are a writer, hub pages are an excellent way to earn from your skills.
  5. Use search engines that pay. When popular search engines like google do not pay you when you use their services, others will. A search engine like Bing gives redeemable points. First, you need to make the engine your default search engine. As you search your usual stuff online, you earn points.
  6. Earn with M Turk. These are tasks given by Amazon to human beings. This happens to be one of the popular legitimate ways of earning online. Tasks could range from translation to data entry. The jobs have a specific duration by which you should be through. The prices also vary from task to task.
  7. Write and earn with e-How. As people search for answers to “How-to” questions, e-How generates over 2000 titles. If you are a member, you claim a title that you feel comfortable to handle. That way, you write on topics that you like and get paid. Mostly, writers have seven days to research and write the assigned articles.
50 Ways to Earn Money Online

50 Ways to Earn Money Online


Up to this point, it is clear that there are legitimate ways of working and earning money online. From the list of 50, you can’t lack at least one method that will work for you.

Whether you want some residual income or you looking for a job, working online will serve you right.

All you need is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with a reliable network. As you work online, you need to be on the look-out for fraudsters. They are many and may deter you from reaching your goal.

All the same, working online can turn out to be the best decision you ever made in life.


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